Yes, India Can...

Yes, India Can

Imagine a company named ‘Hindustani Leather’, which produces world’s best processed leather products including handbags, backpacks, satchels, jackets and footwear with its headquarter in Mandhana near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh? Or probably a classy wristwatch from a company named ‘Samay’ which is a rage amongst the younger generation and is conceptualized, designed and manufactured in Krishnagiri near Bengaluru in Karnataka. Imagine you hear that an Indian e-commerce company is buying one of the Europe’s leading FMCG company, Indian IT company taking over a famous IT company of the silicon valley or a car by an Indian car manufacturer beating the likes of luxury and sports car of the West. Imagine booming industries and businesses in India with our per capita income among the top five countries in the world. Crazy, right? Rather, you may think of me as a day dreamer who is expecting something magical to happen in this real world. However, what if I tell you that this is not only possible but also easily achievable.

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi, in his address to the nation on 12 May 2020 stressed the importance of encouraging a strong and self-reliant economy. During the speech that lasted 33 minutes, he introduced ‘Atma Nirbharta’ or self-reliance and ‘Be vocal about local’ as the best method to make Indian economy navigate these rough seas.

The whole world is presently fighting an invisible enemy in the form of coronavirus or so called ‘COVID-19’. People have lost lives, businesses have suspended, salaries and jobs are shrinking. The economy of nations are at stake. It has affected every household in a manner that many families are facing existential crisis. India’s condition is no different. With so many relief packages coming in and economy shut for a couple of months, India’s growth graph that was soaring high has started declining drastically. If this continues, it will be disastrous for our nation and hence for every family, every household.

What Can We Do?

Before answering this question, first let us think - can we do something to reverse it. You may undermine what a common person like you and me can do to make this nation a prosperous one. Suffice to know that citizens are the power of a nation and citizens are the one who actually shape the nation. You and I decide the fate of Indian economy. Confused? Don’t worry. In simple words (just to understand, not the correct terminologies) – ‘you spend – economy earns – economy grows – you are paid better – better living standards - you spend better and the cycle continues’. Great, you might wonder that you are already spending but it does not seem to happen. Now to understand this, just analyse your shopping list and shortlist how many local brands figure in it.

You need to spend on local brands. Why? It’s because when you buy a foreign brand the money goes to that company which is international and hence doesn’t stay in our country. However, if you buy a local brand, not only are you supporting an Indian company but also making sure the money stays in India and hence will be used for India. Best scenario, isn’t it?

Why Government Doesn’t Do It?

Now a question may arise as to why government doesn’t ban these products from foreign nations, as it seems to be an easier option to exercise. But, let me tell you that government cannot do so. There are certain laws which define how international trade between various nations is carried out. This doesn’t permit India in banning nations, moreover, it paints a very bad picture about a nation’s political machinery which can hurt the nation diplomatically. But the best part is that these laws have nothing to do with the citizens and hence if we choose not to buy them, they will be forced to take back their products and boost our economy.

Gone are the days when India lacked talent or the resources to produce world class products. Today, in India we have everything - the greatest minds, the raw materials, skilled workforce and a desire to be the best. We just need to support them. We have to realise our strengths and get together because we are the ones who can make a change and make India as prosperous as it used to be in the history. We have to take a united stand we think of betterment of our motherland. Yes, we need a united India for a developed India. Only we can so that India can.

Understand, no country today can survive without Indian market because of our size but India can and India will.

So, next time when you go to a market for shopping just look at your shopping basket and analyse as to how many foreign brands are you depended upon and how many local brands are you supporting.

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