Imagine a company named ‘Hindustani Leather’, which produces world’s best processed leather products including handbags, backpacks, satchels, jackets and footwear with its headquarter in Mandhana near Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh? Or probably a classy wristwatch from a company named ‘Samay’ which is a rage amongst the younger generation and is conceptualized, designed and manufactured in Krishnagiri near Bengaluru in Karnataka. Imagine you hear that an Indian e-commerce company is buying one of the Europe’s leading FMCG company, Indian IT company taking over a famous IT company of the silicon valley or a car by an Indian car manufacturer beating the likes of luxury and sports car of the West. Imagine booming industries and businesses in India with our per capita income among the top five countries in the world. Crazy, right? Rather, you may think of me as a day dreamer who is expecting something magical to happen in this real world. However, what Read More...

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